Bloodstock Open Air – Metal 2 The Masses

The METAL 2 THE MASSES is offering venues, promoters and bands the opportunity to be part of the BLOODSTOCK experience and so much more! Bloodstock are happy to announce that Amust4music Ltd, along with our associates, are bringing the biggest initiative possible to track down the best breaking metal bands along with upping the anti on some of the biggest ever prizes up for grabs.

Speed, Thrash, Death, Doom, Folk, Battle, Gothic, Grove, MetalCore, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Nu, Post, Power, Progressive,   Sludge, Stoner, Alternative, Extreme, Symphonic, Viking and more!!

The METAL 2 THE MASSES ROADSHOW will again be tearing up and down the country visiting venues, who are running their own campaigns, to find the loudest & most brutal acts the UK has to offer. For a list of venues for 2013 – CLICK HERE !





Venues up and down the country will be running the METAL 2 THE MASSES and will hold their own area finals judged by BLOODSTOCK reps, on the run up to the 2013 BLOODSTOCK festival.

Could that be your band or a band from your venue?


The opportunity for a breakthrough act to perform at BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR – THE biggest and best independent metal festival in the UK – is something that bands are clambering over themselves to make a reality . But if your band makes the approach via the METAL 2 THE MASSES route it can give your band a further opportunity to make your mark, not only at the festival, but also into EUROPE and more. At this stage one band will be chosen as the overall winner of the METAL 2 THE MASSES and will reap the splendors BLOODSTOCK can offer.


By joining this unique franchise scheme your venue will become an officially endorsed partner in the BLOODSTOCK camp and enjoy working alongside the UK’s fastest growing & premier metal festival.


Your venue will be part of the nationally advertised METAL 2 THE MASSES tour, featuring the breakthrough acts chosen from your venue giving you the rightful exposure you deserve.

You get to choose your shortlisted bands to showcase on the M2TM’s tour at your venue. This can be done in whatever way you see fit but will incorporate “the METAL 2 THE MASSES” branding.

Use of the BLOODSTOCK logo on any related advertising alongside this all the promotional resources available from our team to profile the show including posters & flyers, mail shots, blogs and more.

By becoming an affiliated partner your venue will be given its own section on the one and only BLOODSTOCK website, which is seen by thousands of metalheads and industry types alike.

In 2012 the official site received on average no less than 26 thousand unique hits a week increasing to 120,000 hits a week on the run up to and directly after the event!

All the promoter networking and media support opportunities associated with BLOODSTOCK that will give your venue heightened profile in the industry.

For all details on the METAL 2 THE MASSES initiative and how it can build the profile of your venue alongside presenting the opportunity to bands in your region please feel free to contact. Get on baord early and don’t miss your chance !

Simon Hall METAL 2 THE MASSES co-ordinator

Office: (0)24 7659 7652

Mobile: (0)7973 699014